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How to Buy

Cash or check purchases can be made directly by visiting us.

Wire transfer purchases should be confirmed with our regional sales manager prior to wiring. The customer should provide the type of wire (we accept electrical wiring, bank wiring postal office wiring and more) and fax us the receipt, address, postal code, name, phone number, desired invoice type, tax invoice and other relevant information to us. Once we received the fax, we will ship your products using expedited shipping.

For international customers and international shipping, please contact us for more information.

If you have any questions regarding buying our products, call (+86)010-51665596 dial 316

Account Info

Account Company: Beijing JoinHope Image Technology Ltd
Account Bank: Agricultural Bank of China

Account Number: 11 250 101 040 003 942
Account Tax Number: 91 110 108 723 953 8843

Phone: (+86)10-82616694