GAM Series

Huge CCD Cameras

GAM family is JHI's newest industrial camera series. All GAM products are equipped with ultra-high resolution CCD sensors, providing ultimate clear images up to 29 megapixels with extreme precisions and low noises.


29 Mega-Pixels Ultimate Resolution

GAM series features huge area CCDs that are capable of capturing up to 29 megapixels resolution at 16 bits quantization.

Up to 29 Megapixels
(6576 x 4384)
16 bits color precision

Model Specs

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Model Name Resolution Megapixel Sensor Format Color Options Interfaces
GAM1610 16 Megapixels GigaE Cooling Camera 4096 x 4096 HD 16MP CCD 36.8mm Mono GigE USB
GAM2568 29 Megapixels GigaE Industrial Camera 6576 x 4384 HD 29MP CCD 35mm Mono GigE