CPC series

Compact-PCI Frame Grabbers

CPC family models are based on Compact PCI interface and are capable grabbing high resolution inputs while remaining flexible and compact.
C-PCI models support hot-plugging and modular frameworks as well as new technologies like digital anti-aliasing to enhance the image qualities.
We also added image lossless storage capabilities for C-PCI models.


•   Up to full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution

•   Up to 170MB/s data transfer rate

•   Up to 10 bits precision

•   Maximum frequency 180MHz

•   Latest model supports PXI-E --3U bus interface

•   Supports different formats including DVI/VGA/PAL/NTSC

•   Supports RGB8888, RGB888, RGB565, RGB555 and GRAY8

•   Switching between up to 16 inputs

•   Build-in hardware image post-processing features

•   Build-in hardware real-time filtering noise reduction up to 15 levels

•   Independent 10 bits D/A playback in selected models

•   M-JPEG compression in selected models

Model Specs

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Model Name Resolution Frequency Precision Bus Input Formats
CPC16A CPCI Multi-Channels Switching Frame Grabber 768 x 576 180MHz 8bits C‑PCI RGB PAL NTSC
CPC50B HD CPCI Mono I/O Frame Grabber 1600 x 1200 HD 36MHz 10bits C‑PCI VGA PAL NTSC
CPC60C HD CPCI RGB Image Compressing Frame Grabber 1600 x 1200 HD 180MHz 8bits C‑PCI VGA RGB
CPC61C HD CPCI RGB Image Compressing Frame Grabber 1920 x 1200 HD VGA 170MHz / DVI 165MHz 8bits C‑PCI DVI VGA RGB